12th Board Time Management for English Paper



English paper includes a total of three sections. Students should understand each and every section before taking any further step.

This section carries 45 marks. Question numbers 7 to 12 are asked from the literature section. Until a student remembers the summary of each and every chapter, he won’t be able to answer the questions. If you remember the summary of each and every chapter, you’ll remember the whole chapter. Choose out all important questions of each and every chapter. Remember the answers in points. You won’t feel or face any difficulty in writing long answers then.

The 7th question carries 4 marks. It has four questions carrying 1 mark each.

The 8th question has three questions of two marks. It contains options also. Question numbers 7 & 8 are asked from poetry.

The 9th question has five questions of 2 marks. These questions are asked from the main Core book.

The 10th question contains only one question of 10 marks. This question is also asked from the main Core book. This question tries to test the mental ability of the students. Solve only one out of the two options of the question.

The 11th question carries 7 marks which will be asked from the second book of English.

The 12th question will contain four questions carrying 2 marks each.

Writing section includes notice, report writing, formal letter writing, article and advertisement. You’ve to attempt either notice or advertisement. You can perform better if you write an example of it remembering its format. Marks can be obtained very easily in this section. Writing is not a tough job for the students today; they just have to know the right way of writing.
Allot a maximum of 50 minutes for solving this section. One question carries 5 marks, allot 5 to 6 minutes for it. Three questions carry 10 marks; allot 10 to 15 minutes for each of these questions.

Reading section has two parts. First part carries 12 marks which is a passage. This passage carries 9 marks for questions and 3 marks for word power. Synonyms and antonyms are asked in this part.
Second part carries 8 marks for another passage. You have to do the note-making here. It means that you have to understand the passage and prepare a note.
Note-making carries 5 marks and 3 marks are allotted for writing the summary of the passage.
For the best preparation of note-making students should look at the examples at the end of the NCERT book.
It contains four questions of 1 mark each; allot 30 seconds for each question. Four questions will carry 2 marks; allot 11/2 minutes for each question.
Two questions will carry 3 and 5 marks respectively; allot 3 and 5 to 6 minutes for them.

1. Study the question papers of last five years with answers and pay careful attention to the questions asked repeatedly.
2. You can know the expected marks and do the revision at the same time by solving the question bank.
3. It is a good idea to look for important questions on www.cbseguess.com.
4. Besides that you must revise the whole syllabus.
5. Always remember that there is no alternative to hard work.

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