10 Tips For Board Examination



10 Tips For Board Examination
10 Tips For Board Examination
No student can deny that they feel pressure when the exams are at hand. Sometimes students fall ill because of over study and restlessness. So, I’m sharing some important points with the examinees to reduce the pressure of exams:

1. Whatever pressure you might feel, give the needful rest to your body before exams. A long sleep of 6 to 8 hours is necessary. Sleeping early or at the proper time and revising your lessons in the morning are considered better.

2. Try to have home-made food and never miss breakfast and dinner. Generally exam starts at 10 o’clock, and sun shines brightly at that time; so drink enough water.

3. Study and prepare how hard you may but it is sure that you’d have missed some chapter; so solve sample papers before the exams and in the gap also.

4. Must visit the examination center before the exams if it happens to be outside the school.

5. Write your answers in points. Examiners like answers written in the form of points instead of passage.

6. Write a proverb, quotation or a related and famous short story in the beginning lines of the essay type question. It will leave a good impression on the mind of the examiner.

7. If you have any confusion in the examination, it will be better to ask the teachers present in the examination hall. Read all the instructions given in the question paper before you start writing answers.

8. Try to answer the question in the given sequence. It helps the examiner check your answer paper easily.

9. Don’t discuss with your friends after writing a paper. You cannot improve your answer whether it is right or wrong.

10. For parents: You may feel disturbed or irritated but don’t pressurize your children. Instead inspire them to study carefully and encourage them.

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