Friday, 15 March 2013

Magic of Maths | Maths Trick

Magic of Maths that used to thrill me

In this post I’m going to share a mathematical trick with you which used to thrill me and my friends in childhood. This mathematical trick can be considered to be the magic of maths. Though many of you may already know many such tricks but this one is really awesome.

Let’s start the magic!
In this mathematical trick we are going to add 5 numbers of 5 digits. But all the five numbers will not be given by you. (You’ll give only 2 numbers and other 3 numbers will be given by your friends.)

Now the magic is here:
We’ll ask our friend to give us a 5 digit number and we’ll tell him the answer before we add them (even without knowing the rest 4 numbers).
Ask your friend to give you a number of 5 digits.
Suppose he/she gave you the following number:
Now the answer should be 253676.
Once again ask your friend to give the second number of 5 digits.

1. 53678
2. 36852 (given by your friend)
3. 63147 (should be given by you)
4. 54362 (given by your friend)
5. 45637 (should be given by you)


When your friend gives you a five digit number, you’ve to subtract 2 from the last digit and write 2 in front of the first digit to get the answer.
Example: 53678 = 253676

When you have to give the number, remember that you’ve to be very careful. Write such a five digit number that makes a 9 (nine) in each case.
2. 36852
3. 63147

Repeat this process second time also!!!
Did you like the magic???

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